24 June 2012

Stationary stationery

1662 - Transfer of Parking Permits Activity Associated Staffing Resource and Apportioned Budget to Customer...
Another report in which perfectly happy staff ultimately get pushed, whether they like it or not, into a call centre (called a Customer Contact Centre) which will not be such a happy place. A member of staff (one that no-one has seen with Mr Mustard) told Mr Mustard last week that they disliked being treated "as a commodity".

This is another sloppily produced report that has not been checked before it has been published. To find an error in a council document should be a rare occurrence. It is very common.

Look at the summary, it starts "This the transfer..." which is nonsense.

Down in the penultimate line the word transferring is already on the previous line which would have led to a press of the buzzer in "Just a minute"

Section 3.1 - "and deliver a fiscal saving". This change of lead service does not deliver any savings at all.

Look at the very last page now. The Customer Service Officer has to be "able to demonstrate a high standard of literacy". Evidently, if you now go back to section 5.2.1, this did not apply to the appointment of Bill Murphy who is the Assistant Director of Customer Services and whose name is on this report (did he read it?) and you will see that there is a howler in the last line of the table "stationary" which means to be still. Are you sure you are up to this AD job Bill if you can't spell? A hint for you to avoid this gaff in the future, simply remember E for Envelope.

Mr Mustard does not comb through these reports looking for errors, he is far too busy, they just jump off the page at him. A pity they don't for senior management at Barnet Council.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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