13 June 2012

Ed gets £80,472 p.a. to write guff

what sort of website wouldn't be online?

Croydon Council are the complete masters of writing loads and saying nothing but Barnet are catching on. Look at this rubbish on the Inside Croydon blog. This is all such vague stuff that Mr Mustard can barely be bothered to get his red pen out. Now for the second division councilspeak offering from One Barnet

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 at 14:42 - Schroder, Johnathan

What next for the Corporate Change Programme?

The council is starting to think about the next wave of corporate change programmes. A series of strategic reviews are being conducted which are cross-cutting and inter-linked. Can't we just cut your post Mr Gowan?

These reviews will examine: community safety; early intervention and prevention; health and social care integration; leisure; and the street scene.

Ed Gowan, assistant director of commercial transformation, said: "These strategic reviews are the next stage in the transformation of Barnet. We are beginning to build upon what has been achieved so far by the One Barnet Programme by looking beyond the mechanics of how we deliver services to identifying where we can improve the lives of residents. The council wants to make sure that our resources are focussed on what residents need and that we can facilitate communities taking ownership of some of these issues for themselves."

"These reviews are very much part of the 'one public sector' approach as they will necessitate working closely with other public sector partners in the police, NHS, probation, and across many directorates of the council itself. As ever, the council will be driving for efficiency by mapping how much public money is spent across the large number of bodies involved with these five areas, and sharing resources and reducing duplication where possible. The council will also look to be customer-centric by assessing whether it is meeting all the needs and expectations of residents."

These strategic reviews are in their early stages. A business case will be developed for each of these reviews. It will be requested under Freedom of Information legislation.

See future editions of First Team for further updates. Mr Mustard has his log-in and will keep an eye out.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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