8 November 2011

Non-job #9 - Systems thinking Co-ordinator ( it isn't April 1st )

It is ages since Mr Mustard featured a non-job as he has so many areas of profligacy to contend with. A new one arrived today.

Here it is
1472 - Establishment of Systems Thinking Co-Ordinator Post

Are you thinking what Mr Mustard is thinking? You are probably thinking "what the fcuk".
Do you need any professional qualifications for this job? ( my fellow blogger's answer of knowing your arse from your elbow has been disallowed - will decide why later ) . None at all.

Do you need to be educated to do this job? ( apart from being able to tell other people the difference between their arse and their elbow - if you were educated you probably wouldn't say "arse" but then Mr Mustard remembered having seen Meet the Fokkers so now he isn't sure ) No, except that you need to be numerate and literate ( who will Barnet Council find to test you on these matters? )

What will you get for being qualified to do bugger all? Between £30,987 to £33,510 p.a.

That is not the end of the expense however as per paragraph 8.4 Habanero ( this might be a Spanish word meaning "we charge ridiculously high fees and string little assignments out for years", or there again it might not, it might just be a type of chilli and a stupid name for some management consultants -steady Mr Mustard as you also are in a glass house! ) have been providing on-going support at goodness knows how much per day ££££££££££££ )

At a time when services are being slashed to ribbons this post really does look like a complete waste of money. ( This is not a criticism of the person doing the job - Mr Mustard has no idea who you are ).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. I think this job sounds fabulous, and well worth every penny of Barnet tax payers' money. Close a few more more chidrens centres & sack a few more of the less useful council staff - carers, parks staff, anyone at NLBP not in the senior management team - and invent a few more like this, I say.

    I'm not very well coordinated, but I am quite good at thinking: should I apply?


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