27 November 2011

No parking pants ( parking is pants in Barnet )

picture credit : www.davidcroft.co.uk
This picture made Mr Mustard laugh

"I don't think my pussy would approve" - Mrs Slocombe

"Are you being served?" - people trying to park in Barnet certainly aren't.

Just in case you were wondering what Mr Mustard wears to council meetings, it is these boxers.

buy yours at www.cafepress.co.uk

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. I would have hoped you were more of a Calvin fan, Mr Mustard. Very disappointing.Would go with the string vest,mind you.

  2. I might have told a little porky Mrs A ( no, not little pinkie ). How did you know I wear Calvins?

    It does give me the idea though to get some printed pants ( who would have guessed you could buy such I think ) with "I'm Mustard, try me, I'm hot" on them"

    What do you think, not modest enough?


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