26 May 2020

Hillingdon - pandemic parking enforcement

Hillingdon get 0/10 for their response, such as it is, to Mr Mustard's standard FOI questions, as largely answered by many other local authorities in London.

The response was not 'due' by 7 May. A response to an FOI request should be sent 'promptly' and in any event not later than the 20th working day, it is not a target date especially when you are only going to respond to a single question out of 7. 

Mr Mustard was sent a holding reply on 7 May and the below reply a few days later, it wasn't worth waiting for despite being late.

It is rather odd as traffic wardens (CEOs) are employed to enforce statutory provisions and other boroughs who have got outsourced employees managed to send responses and on time. Hillingdon don't therefore know the health of their workforce nor what PPE is provided to them, not the actions of a caring borough.

As for enforcement, business as usual in Hillingdon.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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