2 June 2018

Not reading what I wrote in Parking Department

Mr Mustard has long suspected that Barnet Council don't pay much attention to informal challenges, the ones made in response to a PCN on street, as they know that most people don't have the time or inclination to battle to the end.

He fully expected the response to be a negative one, and he was not disappointed, but it shouldn't refer to loading, when that was not being claimed, just a request for mitigation i.e. be kind, and it is no surprise that whoever made the decision to reject, wasn't kind either.

 Mr Mustard never argued that the PCN wasn't valid so there is no need to tell him the PCN is still valid. Many of the council's responses are template ones.

The only valid ground to cancel would be mitigation on behalf of the council but they aren't kind and don't even think they have to explain why they shouldn't be.

No harm was done on the day by parking in an empty road, except to the lady's purse.

If Barnet Council ever wonder why 70% of people aren't truly satisfied with the parking department, this is an example of why.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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