11 June 2018

Cheshire West & Chester Council are a $hit council

Mr Mustard isn't all that prone to using bad language and hence he has resorted to the use of the $ symbol in the blog title.

Words do pretty much fail him though that a local authority could take a PCN all the way to adjudication (note the time and cost of sending a council representative to a personal hearing) when the motorist has suffered a personal catastrophe arising out of his medical state. Councils think that parking is more important than life and death; they are wrong. We really do need a body which supervises their day to day decisions and makes them behave more reasonably.

Full marks to the adjudicator, Mr Martin Hoare, who is obliged to apply the law, and found a way to do so to the benefit of the motorist.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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