9 August 2017

Public private boundary problems

Opposite Propeller Way in Aerodrome Road
Mr Mustard has seen two letters sent about PCN for parking on the grass where the silver car is on the right. The first one says that it is private land and that the two PCN will be cancelled then the second letter says that it is public land after all but the cancellations will stand (one of the council's duties is to be procedurally fair so to resile from their cancellations would not be possible).

Before he had read the second letter about the land being public, (and he needs to see what the sign on the wall says as this might be railway land? this being the bridge with the notorious overspend from before his time, he thinks), Mr Mustard had looked up pavement parking PCN in this road (some of which may have been elsewhere than this very spot) and so you may as well see the haphazard nature of enforcement at this location. W stands for Warning, PCN being issued for £0.00 to suggest not parking here again.

Parking in Aerodrome Way is at a premium but Mr Mustard suggests this is not a good place to park, on the grass rarely is.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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