17 August 2017

Cooker - for charity or community.

Mr Mustard has decided to replace his twin oven cooker. It was purchased in October 05. He always found the top oven, non fan, a bit slow being a man always in a hurry. Conversely the bottom oven was always too hot and burnt pizza to a crisp in minutes. At least it did until last week when it tripped the breaker and now there isn't a fan.

The four rings work perfectly and rather than send it for recycling Mr Mustard thought that there might be a charity who could use it if they mostly use the rings.

It is a Smeg Opera A42-5 and is 70cm wide (measure any gap it needs to fit within).

If your charity or community group would like it, email mrmustard@zoho.com and it is yours for free.

If an individual wants it for their own use then that is also possible in return for a donation to the North London Hospice.

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