5 June 2017

Traffic warden turnover in Barnet

Being a traffic warden requires a mastery of a highly complex set of rules. You also need a suitable skill set to be able to smoothly interact with the public & generate good public relations. It takes time and money to impart the necessary technical knowledge and time on the beat to develop good technique. Clearly therefore it is advantageous to all parties to retain traffic wardens who have developed the necessary competence as it makes life easier. There are usually about 50 traffic wardens on the books in Barnet. 

Mr Mustard had noticed a number of schoolboy errors by new traffic wardens in 2017 and it got him thinking about staff retention. His calculations are that 33 new wardens started in 2015 and the same again in 2016 and that was caused by the 26 who left in 2015 and another 34 in 2016. There was a blip caused by staffing up for night duty in 2016 but Mr Mustard thinks that the bonanza which management thought they would get from issuing PCNs in the wee hours has not materialised and so the number of night wardens has been reduced. Certainly, Mr Mustard has had hardly any dead of the night PCN to deal with recently.

Staff turnover at a rate of over 60% a year is not the way in which you get the highest quality performance from a team.

Certainly something isn't going well in the selection process (although the pool to choose from is of lower paid employees and other menial jobs may look more attractive or be less stressful) based upon the quick exit of the November 16 traffic warden intake.

Mr Mustard wonders if traffic wardens are being trained up to the proper standard before being let loose to operate alone on the streets or if they are being sent out to sink or swim and then if they prove they can swim they get given a set of flippers and the full training? Information about parking departments can be sent, by using a disposable email address you set up for the purpose so that you cannot be traced (Mr Mustard will keep your details confidential but prefers not to have them) or one of the services mentioned here. Send your secret message to mrmustard@zoho.com

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Mr Mustard

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