16 September 2016

Operation Target MiniBus

There is an Overnight Waiting Ban, about which Mr Mustard has already written, to prevent lorries and minibuses which weigh more than 5 tonnes, from parking in Barnet overnight (except off road of course). Minibuses which weigh more than 5 tonnes and only have 12 passenger seats are not meant to be caught by this ban but get ticketed. The buses are often used for charitable, religious or large family purposes and that would be a good reason to exclude them from enforcement.

The ban usually starts at 6.30pm and runs through the night to 8am. This is what one of the signs that Barnet Council erected many moons ago looks like:

There is no requirement for any yellow lines so drivers must be careful.

Until recently enforcement was only up until 11pm but then there was a wholly unnecessary change to 24 hour enforcement (no it's not about the money, how could you even think such a thing) and Mr Mustard noticed a surge in PCNs for breaching the Overnight Waiting Ban which no-one had ever heard of. As the restriction started at 6.30pm there was ample opportunity for traffic wardens to issue PCNs for this contravention before they went off shift at 11pm.

Mr Mustard decided to send for the statistics on the issue of PCNs for breaching this overnight ban, which are issued under code 55. The answer is revealing.

You can't tell Mr Mustard that there hasn't been a recent management (NSL?) decision to rigorously enforce this contravention, this is ticket targeting by any measure.

Mr Mustard and council parking management don't see eye to eye on this contravention. Both sides are looking forward to their day at the tribunal in order to have an independent adjudicator settle the matter. Place your bets.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. the sign is not substantially compliant with the TSRGD.

    The word M'night should be Midnight and the time should be 6.30 pm - 8 am

    see sign No.640.2A

    I would expect to see an arrow

  2. motor vehicles constructed or adapted to carry more than 8 passengers (exclusive of the driver); or

  3. Thank you Unknown. Signage is a complete mess, does not reflect the TMO, and not on both sides of the relevant streets so not substantially compliant. For now the council have ceased enforcing against mini-buses whilst they work out what to do. In November I should be at the tribunal with this unless the council give way first.


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