18 September 2016

Capita - 7 months to do something

Images for 7 months were all about babies, which is fine by Mr Mustard, but he preferred the 7 Monks image. Perhaps the Capita staff were all in the pub (or taproom) all that time instead of doing what they were, at a guess, contracted to do.

Mr Mustard's contact renewed his Resident Permit in February 2016. As a model citizen he uploaded the necessary documents to prove ownership and residence. In September 16 he received the following email:


After review of the documentation supplied to support your current Emissions based resident permit, we have identified that the documents you have provided are incorrect.

To validate your permit, I require one of the following documents:-

1.   V5 Log Book – Please note that we do not accept the New Keeper Supplement
2.   Insurance Schedule – Please note we do not accept the Insurance Certificate
3.   Vehicle Hire Agreement showing the vehicle is hired for a period of 6 months or more.
Whilst I am sure this is an oversight*, can you please submit your documents electronically to parking.verification@barnet.gov.uk within 7 days quoting your permit number in the subject heading.

Failure to comply could result in your Parking Permit being cancelled leaving your vehicle liable to a Penalty Charge Notice/s being issued by our Parking Enforcement Officers.

* They can't be sure of anything, not even their own names probably.

Of course the resident can't remember which document they uploaded SEVEN MONTHS AGO so they will simply do it again.

Mr Mustard can't help but think that the contract, or service agreement, had much tighter timescales for checking documents. If it didn't then the council are incompetent, if it did then Capita are incompetent as are the council for not properly auditing what they are not doing.

Doubly incompetent.

What this means is that anyone can apply for a permit for any vehicle for any zone and park for free for over half of the year before being found out, or maybe they won't be? Mr Mustard did not suggest that dishonest course of action to you.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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