25 August 2016

what is the Overnight Waiting Ban in Barnet?

These are extracts from the relevant traffic order made in 1988:

"No person shall cause or permit any commercial vehicle to wait during the prescribed hours in any restricted street."

That is 99% of the borough - exemptions below

Read this as from 6.30pm to 8am i.e. Overnight

the vehicles which cannot be parked (wait) overnight
This is what the council have just written in their response which rejects a challenge that a 3.5 tonne 15 seater mini-bus, used by a large family to transport the numerous off-spring and their stuff:

but Mr Mustard reads the effect of the traffic order, in so far as which vehicles are caught by it, like this:

- any vehicle which exceeds 5 tonnes cannot park overnight

- but a mini-bus that has up to 13 seats and weighs over 5 tonnes can park overnight

- a mini-bus that weighs over 5 tonnes and has 14 seats cannot park overnight

- a mini-bus that weighs less than 5 tonnes can park overnight no matter how many seats it has, just 2 or 20.

Is he right or are the council?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

The exempted streets. Please do not park on the M1 overnight!



  1. Hi Mr Mustard - i have a question for you regarding a parking ticket that my son received and i was wondering what the best way is to contact you

    Many thanks


  2. send an email to mrmustard@zoho.com

  3. What does the council do about 'Hackney Carriages'? Might be worth asking a taxi driver. Or a traffic warden. If they get tickets overnight, then a minibus will too. If not, then a minibus won't. Regardless of the practicalities, this is badly worded.


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