15 August 2016

Changed your address - tell the DVLA on line

Update the address on your driving licence

Update the address on the vehicle logbook V5C

If you pay by Direct Debit for vehicle tax, phone DVLA on 0300 790 6802 to update the address.

It isn't the fine which is the real worry (whoever heard of anyone being fined for that) but the fact that documents about PCN may not reach you and your car could get uplifted by a bailiff.

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Mr Mustard

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  1. We have many cases on Pepipoo where people have not updated their V5 document, and the first they know of a problem is when bailiffs arrive. There is a real problem here that government is strangely reluctant to address. There needs to be recognition that many people do not live bureaucratically tidy lives and also there are those from foreign lands that are not so expert in the peculiarities of British civil law. There needs to be a new procedure introduced that allows a person to declare "no knowledge" without blame and for the power of the enforcement authority to oppose Statutory Declarations/Witness Statements to be withdrawn. After all, if the contravention is proven, at the end they only get the PCN penalty, the bailiffs get rich on the rest. It is a national scandal that such small sums are placed with bailiffs so quickly. Funny how the bailiffs find people so easily, yet the councils cannot.


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