21 August 2015

ConAll Crescent, Ealing

Mr Mustard may have got the road name wrong in the title
Yesterday, Mr Mustard and another NoToMob member, a veteran as it happens, by the name of Bald Eagle, and here is the photographic evidence of him in action

Mr Mustard was also with him that day, evidently not wise to let him out on his own, lol
decided to do something about the huge number of motorists who, by dint of habit, were missing a new "no motor vehicles" sign at the exit of Hanger Green into Connell Crescent in Ealing, near the Boden shop (suppliers of flowery shirts to Mr Mustard and shoes to Mrs Angry)

So at 3pm we started. By 4pm we had prevented 50 motorists from going into Connell Crescent when they shouldn't have, all going there by force of habit after driving down there for many years.

So that was £6,500 that Ealing Council didn't sent out demands for.

Motorists we met fell into 2 camps.

Camp 1, who have had 1,2,4,6,7 PCN here before they found out the new rules. Big thumbs up from them.

Camp 2, are you sure? Oh I see, now I see, thank you very much. We'll go along the A40 then.

About 10 motorists decided to ignore us and go down Connell Crescent despite being warned. You will all get a PCN for £130 in the post and listen to NoToMob members next time.

About 6 cars came the other way out of Connell Crescent which is fine and we met some of the residents who said that even they had not been warned about the new restrictions and some of them had been ticketed. We suggested they talk very forcefully into the ears of their local councillors. Clearly the necessary local publicity which should be a vital part of any new restriction had not taken place. We absolutely understand the need to restrict this location being used as a cut through as it is not suitable for more than light local traffic. The Ocado driver was bit hacked off at having to go the long way round but he will adjust to it.

Local business John Lewis had warned all of its drivers. The presence of the NoToMob ensured that a number of other local businesses with many drivers would now be warning them all.

3 driving instructors were prevented from entering the road and were suitably chastened (sorry if you were embarrassed in front of your students but you did save £130 apiece).

Numerous mini cab drivers didn't know about the new signs. They do now and will hopefully spread the word.

The one black cab driver who happened along wisely touched the side of his eye in a knowing manner to show that he did know.

A police car with 4 officers in it stopped for a chat. They were perfectly happy with our activities and we chatted for a few minutes during which time one car escaped us into Connell Crescent.

One driver tried to press a tenner into my hand. It was declined. He was directed to the NoToMOb site to sign up instead and so some prevention work of his own.

At 6.25 dinner was calling (7.30 at Ai Sushi in Finchley) so we mounted our bikes to leave and even then whilst parked up Mr Mustard, who could be mistaken for a policeman if you aren't concentrating, with his high-vis jacket and clear hand signals, managed to stop two more cars from entering the banned entry.

A good afternoons work with about 170 motorists who didn't commit a contravention on the day, nor will they another day, thus saving a collective £22,100 from being demanded by Ealing Council.

Who said it was all about revenue raising? NoToMob did. This coming Thursday at 22.35 on BBC1 you can see Bald Eagle and other mobbers on the tv doing their stuff.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. I've had 2 fines in the post this week as I have driven down this road. Is there anyway I can contest these fines?

  2. Send copies of them please to mrmustard@zoho.com and I will advise you.

  3. I have also received 4 PCNs, first one has got cancelled on discretion grounds by council but remaining 3 I will have to pay, Is there any way out from this trap.

  4. I have also received 4 PCNs, first one has got cancelled on discretion grounds by council but remaining 3 I will have to pay, Is there any way out from this trap.

  5. If you are a resident of Ealing I would be complaining loud and clear to my local councillor.

    An adjudicator might regard the situation as unfair and expect you to pay the first and not the rest until you received the first PCN in the post but that is a gamble with the discount.

    The local paper is also a good place to go. Councils don't like to look bad in the local paper.

  6. Thanks for your response, what about the road sign on the left is it displayed as per by law? Because it is 10 meters into the road and can be easily missed until you have already driven onto the road.

  7. My personal view is that it is too far back but the rules are that only one sign is required. Only by risking the 50% discount and fighting the PCN to the adjudicator will a view be made about that (and it won't be binding)

  8. The current thinking is that the signs are wrong. The red circle means no motor vehicles so any sign below it should show the hours of exception when you can drive down there (i.e. should say except 7pm to 3pm) and not say 3pm to 7pm.

    1. if I make an appeal based on these ground that shoul be taken iin consideratiion ?


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