29 July 2015

Finchley (No) Park, N12

Capita unilaterally decide to shrink the North Finchley CPZ.
Mr Mustard's client, let us call her Mystery, has lived at the same address inside the North Finchley CPZ for over 20 years.

You can clearly see that the whole of the road is inside the CPZ (indicated by thin blue & brown lines and yellow signs). The map above is the council's own system that residents can use to look up restrictions before they leave home (but you must obey the actual signs on the ground if different).

Mystery rang the parking number to buy some Visitor Parking Vouchers. Capita told her that she no longer lived inside the CPZ which covered numbers 1-55 and 2-86 only. Mystery lives in a number higher than 86 even or 55 odd. Mystery looked out of the window and saw bays parked on the road all the way to the end. She would no longer be entitled to a parking permit and have nowhere to park except for her own drive.

A Capita employee is saying he is the parking manager. He isn't as Mr Mustard knows who is. He might be Capita's manager for parking matters but that doesn't make him hold an office with the council and residents should not be mislead that they are dealing with the engine driver rather than the oily rag.

Why can't Capita get things rights after all these years? (rhetorical question. Answer, because Barnet means nothing to them except an income stream and as Barnet is a long long way from Coventry so any address is unknown to them).

Why can't Capita look at the client's publicly available on-line mapping system of the entire borough's parking restrictions. Answer: laziness, ignorance, stupidity; please add own suggestion in the comments box.

Capita parking are asking Capita highways why the change has occurred (that was a week ago and no-one has been in contact with Mystery). Surely a query that Mr Mustard can answer in 2 minutes could be answered by Capita within 24 hours?. Mr Mustard will notify the real parking manager and then something will happen pretty quickly.

It seems that the stories about Crapita's spectacular incompetence will never abate.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

Update: There are two schedules in a Traffic Management Order.

One sets out the restrictions in the road.
The second sets out which properties can buy permits (as some blocks of flats are not able to).
Mystery's property had been left off the second schedule along with some of her neighbours. This will now be put right.

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  1. The problem with companies like Capita is the public are remote from them, the management never have to meet with them, or answer complaints, they just deal with the council and with a council seemingly in thrall to the Thatcher "Private good, Public bad" pigs chant (see Orwells 1984), message they are likely to make lots of money for a very long time. So they can just thumb their noses at the public. One does hope that nose will shortly be cut off without anaesthetic at some point but......


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