10 July 2015

Council vehicles are not exempt from parking rules

2 July 15 at 10:41am
This vehicle was not obviously engaged in parking enforcement or on highways business which would, if it was necessary to park in such a way (i.e. the driver could not easily park elsewhere such as the Lodge Lane Car Park which always seems to have an empty bay), exempt the vehicle owner from the parking restrictions.

The driver did get out and wander off down the High Road to pop to the shops, it appeared to Helen Michael of Cafe Buzz in the High Rd, N12.

Helen's view is that if you are going to ticket her customers with gay abandon for the merest infringement then the council need to show leadership and set a good example by themselves parking in accordance with the law at all times.

Mr Mustard's view is that council drivers should obey all parking rules  all over the borough and if the driver is going to take a chance and park illegally, not do it in Percy Rd N12 as Helen misses nothing.

Maybe the driver didn't have a mobile phone or credit card with them and so couldn't pay? In which case, as the council are fond of saying, they should park elsewhere. Enfield or Haringey maybe, where cash is still wisely accepted.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

(Mr Mustard has seen council vehicles given a PCN before now and all that does is cause administration and move money from one budget to a different one.)

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  1. By their deeds shall ye know them !


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