6 April 2015

Can you keep a secret? Mr Mustard can (if he wants to)

So here we go again. The second secret meeting of a wholly owned subsidiary of the "Open & Transparent" Barnet Council.

Mr Mustard asked to see the papers for the meeting of 18/12/13 because he thought they must be interesting. Barnet Homes refused. Mr Mustard involved the ICO. Barnet Homes had its mind changed. In an email from Barnet Homes, a tacit admission of intending to be secretive.

There was no notice given to the public.

Eventually Mr Mustard got a copy of the email which invited directors to attend. The redactions have been done by Mr Mustard as he didn't think that even board directors should have their email addresses posted to the internet for public consumption.

"Tezza"? - ffs

Who is Gerard Naughton?; not a board member. (Ah thank you LinkedIn, the interim head of business support. There were other invited & attending interim staff: Karen Patten - interim Director of Care & Support: Helen Astle - interim Director of Corporate Services)

A very odd meeting. Not taking the minutes of the previous meeting for approval and not going to take any minutes at this one.

Next, the agenda:

If you know what the item of business is why list it as "Any Other Business" and not under its own item?

Then finally Mr Mustard was provided with the minutes, the ones that were not taken.

Robert Heath used to supply the gas service for Paragon so perhaps that is why an interest was declared?

What was so controversial in these minutes that the meeting was decided upon as being completely secret? One would expect that a HSE investigation would be discussed at board level. Maybe it was this one?

Mr Mustard can't see anything controversial about a relationship with the BEBP.

If you know what the Directors of Barnet Homes were so petrified of becoming public knowledge, and any other items could have been discussed and not minuted, do feel free to create an email address in a false name and send an email to mrmustard@zoho.com

Having had to look at the directorships of the various

Barnet Homes Ltd (BH)
Your Choice (Barnet) Ltd (YC) &
TheBarnetGroup Ltd (TBG)

companies Mr Mustard thought you might like a table as the websites of the three companies muddle all the Directors up together as one Board.

Name - per website BH YC TBG
Terry Rodgers Y Y Y
Tracey Lees Y Y Y
John Marshall

Ross Houston

Nigel Turner
Rebecca Toloui
David Atta Y

Angela Purcell Y

Washington Ainabe Y

Bob Colquhoun

Troy Henshall Y Y Y
Jeffrey Baker Y

Tracey Lees has just left so she will probably be replaced as a Director shortly by the incoming Chief Exec.

John Marshall & Ross Houston are councillors.

Bob Colquhoun is listed on the website as a member of the board (of Directors for that is what the board is) but isn't listed as a Director at Companies House (having resigned from Barnet Homes on 1/2/2012) and LinkedIn locates him in Aberdeen which isn't exactly local. No wonder he didn't attend.

Troy Hensall is listed under "Officers" (staff) but he is a Director at Companies House; all very odd.

A Krishnaswamy Murali was appointed as director on 3/11/14 subject to references and then resigned on 19/1/15 so perhaps they weren't up to snuff. If anyone knows any other reason do email mrmustard@zoho.com

Mr Mustard somehow thinks that no further confidential Board Meetings will he held.

A blogger to concentrate on Barnet Homes & Your Choice is still needed as the existing ones can only be spread so thinly.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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