4 April 2015

Morally wrong

Enfield Council say that the above vehicle has an exemption which allows it to park on a double yellow line whilst sneakily parking around the corner (they didn't say that last bit) from yellow zig-zags that you can't stop on. It would be more honest if they were to park themselves right opposite the school where there are no lines in order to be a deterrent rather than a revenue raising vehicle. If Enfield Council have done their paperwork correctly then an enforcement vehicle will have such a parking exemption. Mr Mustard has requested sight of the exemption.

Even if legally correct is it morally right to park in a way that would be a contravention for a resident. Mr Mustard thinks not.

In Barnet they do things differently.

The above photo, kindly provided by a Finchley resident, was taken in Regents Park Rd opposite the Sainsburys shared use loading bay which catches out so many people. This car has been seen there before with one traffic warden doing a bit of shopping whilst the other one nicks anyone in the loading bay at the wrong time. In this case I think the passenger has stayed in the car. Why it didn't, for safety's sake, reverse into the empty marked bay is anyone's guess but arrogance might be an answer. 

That car is regularly used by the traffic wardens employed by NSL so is probably part of their fleet. If it is an Enforcement Vehicle then it qualifies for an exemption but given that traffic wardens simply roam the borough in it, and it hasn't got one of those pole mounted cameras, then in Mr Mustard's view it isn't an Enforcement Vehicle as such, simply a means of transport.

Mr Mustard doesn't think the scooters the traffic wardens use, until 11pm, are Enforcement Vehicles either, simply transport, but as he doesn't believe in giving PCN to powered two wheelers and they don't cause anything like the same amount of obstruction and can park for free in most bays, he won't throw his toys out of the pram about those.

Photographs of contravening NSL vehicles are most welcome by email to mrmustard@zoho.com and/or to the local paper.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. I continue to find it astonishing that PATAS allow councils to enforce the law whilst breaking it themselves. Doing things like this is an "abuse of process" and grounds for cancellation of PCNs under "the penalty exceeded the relevant amount in the circumstances of the case"

    However, I suspect that the appelants have no knowledge of how the PCN was generated, or are too shell-shocked to appeal. Anyway the new law from 1st April should put the kybosh on most CCTV PCNs for parking.


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