18 December 2014

Disabled parking spaces are not needed, use the free parking spaces!

Mr Mustard has read some stupid letters in his time (and written a few, Ed) and just when he thinks NSL in Croydon have been bashed into shape by the council's parking manager the staff go all native again and let him down.

Here is an extract from a letter which Mr Mustard received today:

Mr Mustard was of the opinion that blue badge parking spaces were put in town centres for the benefit of the disabled, as they can't walk very far (or are blind - and have a driver) and apart from a very small number of confusing time limited loading bay / free parking spots (max 15 mins) there isn't any free parking in town centres, including North Finchley where this PCN was dished out.

The council letter is unsympathetic and unrealistic. Mr Mustard doesn't know if they, or the council, employ any disabled people to consider representations but he thinks they should and that all representations regarding blue badges should be handled by a disabled person.

The council are, Mr Mustard hears, about to employ more staff in house to handle representations as a recent decision at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal went against Gloucester County Council and the council are going to jump in this regard before they are pushed. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to increase the number of disabled employees.

Mr Mustard thought that twas the season of goodwill but he forgot that this is a parking matter, so there isn't any. Bah humbug from NSL at Croydon.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Does anything good ever come out of the Barnet "Kremlin" ? Truly this brough have been completely and utterly poisoned by the cash generated by the issue of PCNs. A plague on them, I say ! Boiling in oil would be too mild a punishment.


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