6 December 2014

D-Day (Disappearing Day) 16 December 2014 at 7pm

This is the day when the supposedly not pre-conceived alternative delivery provision journey starts which, more likely than not, will unaccountably and mysteriously (actually not mysterious as without someone defying the "leader" Richard Cornelius the nodding dogs of his party will all say "aye") end up with yet more services being outsourced to distant lands (Coventry, Southampton, Belfast etc) to companies like Capita who, after 15 years of running a call centre, offer a pathetic service such as not knowing the names of even the most senior staff (they didn't know who the £100k+ a year boss of Barnet Homes was when Labour Cllr Devra Day found out when she was sent to Coventry).

If everything under offer on the table gets outsourced the council will have shrunk in recent years from 3,200 directly appointed and accountable employees to just 332 (more info here). If you think that is not a good idea contact your councillor and tell them so (find them here by postcode) and go to the meeting and see what the councillors that you pay allowances for, get up to. It should be a lively & interesting evening. Do go along.

Mr Mustard's opposition to this outsourcing is that the way the council are currently going about it we get poor service, are locked into 10 year contracts and a year after transfer the staff who have been TUPEd across are at risk of being forced onto adverse contractual terms. If the council want to swing the axe and cut staff numbers and pay rates then they should hold the axe handle themselves and be ready to demonstrate to the public why this was the right course of action.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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