17 October 2014

The Friday Joke - Brian is mellowing

There is to be a vote of no confidence in the leader of Barnet Council, Richard Cornelius (Mr Mustard is perfectly OK with the man himself and is always trying to get him to play truant after meetings and come to the Greyhound for a pint - he would like to but is always very busy -  Mr Mustard often refers to him as the "leader" as he doesn't think he is much of one but must have some negotiating skills to have hung on despite so many debacles). Mr Mustard saw in the local paper that Corny is allowed to vote that he has confidence in himself and that struck Mr Mustard as most amusing as well as a bit sad and rather pragmatic.

The numbers are finely balanced with 32 Conservative councillors, 30 Labour & the Liberal-Democrat tour de force Jack Cohen. Now Mr Mustard doesn't presume to know which way Jack will vote and hasn't asked him but suppose for one moment he decides to vote that he doesn't have confidence in the Leader and that Corny wasn't allowed, or opted not to as a man of honour, vote, then there could with full attendance be 31 votes each way with the Mayor having the casting vote and we can guess that he would save Corny's skin as he was supported by his Leader in "LandlordGate". So as you can see ever vote is going to count and all it might take is one brave Conservative councillor to vote against, perhaps with another councillor who has ambitions to be deputy leader in support, and we are going to have a leadership contest. Such fun.

The newspaper article led to the following tweets (and there were other people who also tweeted) and although Brian has blocked Mr Mustard he couldn't resist commenting and instead of the rather "robust" comments he usually makes he mildly admonished Mr Mustard in the nicest way possible. Has Brian turned over a new leaf?

Will we see him next in Cafe Buzz with a bunch of flowers and a fulsome written apology and having his breakfast there every day as the start of his rehabilitation programme to re-enter politics (now you have taken a joke too far Mr Mustard and diverted into the realms of fantasy: Ed)

Have a good weekend all and don't take any chances with your parking as Mr Mustard is about to be exceptionally busy with a surfeit of work.

Mr Mustard


  1. Are you sure that's the real Brian Coleman? He normally Tweets under the name BrianColeman251 not 252.

  2. Well spotted DCMD I thought it was odd when I wrote the blog hence the fantasy remark. Having looked at the 10 tweets on the 252 handle, nothing is conclusive either way so we have to assume its not "our" BC. That's both of my last 2 blogs which have been doubtful; I may be forced to retire.


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