22 July 2014

Calling all thespians

This is a surprise guest blog by one of Mr Mustard's shy and retiring PCN customers - Mr Mustard was emailed with this information and thought it was well worth sharing with you all, thespians and philistines alike.

Fellow Thespians

Hampstead Theatre are again streaming one of their current productions called Wonderland on Saturday 26 July 7.30pm over the internet and free on hampsteadtheatre.com and theguardian.com

An on demand version of the Wonderland live-streaming will be available for 72 hours immediately after the live stream on Hampstead Theatre and the Guardian’s website.

It's written by a lady named Beth Steel (daughter of a coal-miner) and it's about the miners' strike in 1984 which in my my view changed British society forever.

Sophie et moi will be at the theatre in person, so if you start the stream early, I'll give you all a wave (I'll be the one wearing a gold lame jacket and Speedo shorts, so that you'll be sure to pick me out!).


PS If you can't work out how to stream, you should be deeply ashamed. Don't ask me how, because I won't help you.

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