17 July 2014

A pointless Notice

Residents of Sellwood Drive were incensed when the long accepted arrangement of parking with 2 wheels on the pavement was unilaterally removed by the council without written notice. They have been battling with the council ever since, including at the residents forum, for some common sense to be imposed and the existing exemption allowing for 2 wheels on the kerb to be put back until such time as there has been proper consultation about the change. That is where we currently stand, as far as Mr Mustard knows, and quite right too, faceless council officers can't just go around changing things as they please.

The way in which the change was bluntly communicated, rather than sending an explanatory letter to every property in the road,w as to put PCN on cars with a nil value. That is why the code W62 is prefixed with a W which stands for warning (who knew this code existed?)

That should have been an end to the matter but now the new computer software, ICES, has evidently been wrongly set up to chase £nil balances as dire warnings of further action are being issued as per the picture. Hopefully the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton County Court won't let £nil value debts be registered to which a £7 charge would be added and then a £75 letter fee from the bailiff?

The council read this blog so they will now probably tell NSL to sort themselves out and fully cancel all PCN issued for code 62 in Sellwood Drive regardless of the value.

I suppose one could always send the council a cheque for £0.00?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. I always thought Barnet were OTT, but now they seem to have gone completely insane. I am sure NSL did not issue these peculiar PCNs without somebody in the council ordering it. That person shouldbe sacked forthwith with no compensation or pension. He/she is a disgrace to their office.


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