17 June 2014

Treble chance

Faced with this car what would you think? a bit of opportunistic if somewhat adventurous parking, or a car that has broken down? This is at the junction of the 6 lane A1 and Hendon Lane.

It immediately struck Mr Mustard that the car had broken down and been pushed into a place out of the way. It is possible to park 50 yards away with no restriction, as he did, so it makes no logical sense for this car to be here in contravention. 

Naturally, traffic wardens have seen this as a feeding frenzy and given out 3 PCN for parking adjacent to a dropped foot way (normally only used for cars in the carriageway not those on the pavement for which a code 62 PCN would be more accurate, although both are higher level contraventions) on 9, 10 and 11 June 14 (there may be others which are not on the windscreen). Two of those PCN are by the same traffic warden.

What would have been better? A search of the DVLA database and a letter to the registered keeper.

Ticket targets in Barnet? No, of course not.

Common sense? no, none of that either.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Trouble with common sense is it isn't common anymore, especially in government both central and local.


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