14 June 2014

Blogging away

Last week Mr Mustard had a holiday, he had a new motorbike and he needed to get some miles in and he went to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France (Vosges & Ardennes). Thus he missed the ceremonial inauguration of the mayor. He did however visit Vauquois where the enemy lines were very close in World War one.

Never think however, just because fewer blogs are being written that your bloggers are sleeping. They may be calm on the top but underneath there is an awful lot of paddling going on and a lot of juggling of work and family.

Between the three of them, Mr Reasonable, Mrs Angry and Mr Mustard independently submitted 17 questions to the Performance & Contract management Committee of 11 June 14 and here they are.

That entitled them to ask up to 17 supplementary questions which is where the fun comes in as the supplementary can be a bit of a curve ball. You can see the extra questions being asked here (thanks to Dan of the Barnet Bugle)

The public are, in this supposedly open and transparent council, only allowed 20 extra questions or 30 minutes, whichever runs out first. We ran out of time.

The answer to question 17 was wrong as the number of PATAS appeals exceeded the number of formal representations which is impossible. A correction is awaited. This should have been noticed before the public questions were published.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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