1 April 2013

Parking Ticket Appeal Guide - V1.0 - April 13

Rights reserved to Simon Morris
Luckily only 3 hoops to jump through for your parking ticket
Don't be an April Fool, today or any other day.

If you get a parking ticket from Barnet Council, appeal once, twice, three times.

Here is the first version of a guide to help you.

Please download this guide and give it to anyone who might benefit. If you are on the committeee of a residents' association please distribute it to your members by email or in hard copy and tell them about Mr Mustard and look out for updated versions.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

1 comment:

  1. Mr Mustard is it my imagination or has Parking eye taken down some of its larger (require planning permission signs) from Barnet Hospital?


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