9 April 2013

Advertising eyesore

There is far too much advertising that assails our eyes everywhere we go nowadays. Barnet Council haven't helped by the deal that did with JC Decaux to allow advertising boards on the middle of our pavements which must be an absolute nuisance for the blind, coming up Barnet High St past the closed Magistrates' Court, a blind person has to run the gauntlet of one of these signs placed across the pavement then a row of trees and all that with a drop of at least a foot off the edge of the pavement into the very busy road.

The council do have a policy of restricting advertising signs on buildings but it may just be a pretty pamphlet that is now gathering dust in a filing cabinet somewhere. Let us shine a light on it.

and now let your thoughts wander to the conservation area at the top of Chipping Barnet's High Street, an area of lovely historic buildings, with some less attractive modern buildings thrown in, and lo, here is a photograph that a reader sent to Mr Mustard this week.

Maybe one of the tenants, whose name you can see on the building, will have a quiet word with their landlord to remove those 4 offending signs?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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