19 September 2012

Spot the no difference competition.

Its time for a game of spot the difference where you have two pictures that are meant to be slightly difference and you waste hours looking at them only to find that the printer made an error and the two picture are to all intents and purposes, the same.

Here is the first picture.

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Now pop here to Mr Mustard's good friends at Barnet CPZ action for the second picture. 

So how many visible potholes in the second picture? Correct, nil, as the tarmac is brand spanking new.

How many potholes in the first picture above. Correct, nil again, as the tarmac is still pristine, a bit of kerb has just been repaired in this google photo.

So the question is why the road was resurfaced. The answer of course isn't that it is the road which the "leader" of the council, Richard Cornelius and his lady councillor wife Alison, live in, no of course not don't be silly. Look forward to a press release from the Tooting Twister saying that there had been oodles of complaints by residents about the state of the road, it was in danger of collapse (a One Barnet road then?) there were potholes that you couldn't see with the naked eye, that an engineer had checked the road and it definitely fitted the criteria for resurfacing etc. etc. ad nauseum.

No prize for you but entry to the competition cost residents over £30,000 (all credit to Barnet CPZ action for this little gem).

Is your road surface worse than in the picture above? Then it evidently qualifies for resurfacing. Have you got broken kerbs or paving slabs? Yes, then send an email to the Assistant Director of Highways & Transport, Declan Hoare and I am sure he will get it fixed in days. Email declan.hoare@barnet.gov.uk with some photos c.c. mrmustard@zoho.com if you wish and he will publish the worst examples. There is obviously lots of money around for road repairs. (updated 24 April 14; better to send your emails now to cllr.d.cohen@barnet.gov.uk although all the money might have already been spent in Golders Green)

Residents of Totteridge. Councillors get enough in allowances without them accidentally getting little perks like this. Whether or not your road in Totteridge is in a bad way, why don't you stand for election in May 2014 (start planning now) and kick this pair out or at the very least campaign against them. You have also suffered Brian Coleman for long enough haven't you? Who votes for him is a complete mystery. Look past the blue rosette and look at what the individuals do or say and then put your cross somewhere else. Start coming to council meetings to find out what really goes on. They are a fun night out. You might get insulted in the public gallery but that is all part of the experience of local democracy.

If, as a candidate, you could also have policies that are fair to everyone then that would be handy.

Finally, if you have any interesting information about our councillors then send it in confidence to a blogger. Please though, no topless pictures of Brian Coleman.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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