22 September 2012

11 September parking ticket swoop on North Finchley

Were you in North Finchley on the morning of 11 September 2012?

Did you park in a parking bay where the signs were blacked out so that it was impossible for you to buy a parking ticket even if you wanted to?

Did you come back to find a parking ticket on your car.

Mr Mustard has protested to Barnet Council about this and basically they deny that parking signs were changed at the same time as a gang of 6 traffic wardens happened to show up and start dishing out tickets like confetti. Mr Mustard is sceptical of what he has been told as a local told him otherwise.

The CCTV will reveal all. Please contact Mr Mustard who will help you with your appeal free of charge. The council have a duty to be fair and he doesn't think they have been.

What we will do is invest £10 and ask for a copy of the cctv for the period from when you parked your car until you departed North Finchley.

Access to CCTV information Application Form
Mr Mustard looks forward to making your acquaintance.

Feel free to make any other cctv requests that you fancy. It is your £10. There is a list of camera locations here on the Barnet Council website.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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