9 May 2011

It's the little details that count - & Barnet aren't getting them right

It's always the little things that let you down ( although in Barnet's case it will be the big things as well the route they are taking ). If you can't get the little stuff right what chance is there that you will manage the really important stuff. In the case of local government the things that residents see and notice are clean streets, dustbins being emptied, parks, libraries and the like.

Now the maintenance of gardens at libraries is contracted out. Mr Mustard went past a library recently and what was the sight that met his eye, some nice tulips or alliums coming up, well mown grass, tidy shrubs ? no, none of those. Mr Mustard got his camera out and these 3 photographs show you the library garden in all of its glory.

Mud Glorious Mud
A shrub and a weed
 Council in a Bind ( Weed )

So some contractor isn't doing much of a job and Mr Mustard has seen them at "work". They just hack everything down and then go away for a few months. 

But, much worse than this laziness is that the Contract must specify a certain level of service ( if not the purchasing department needs the sack ) or whoever monitors the work of the contractors isn't doing their job and they need a dig in the ribs to wake up and do what they are paid to do ( and best you get all of the library garden contractors doing some work as Mr Mustard will be out with his camera again in a month's time ).

So of course the thought that comes into the mind of Mr Mustard is if a simple task like tending gardens gets into such a mess what will happen to large and complex services ? An even bigger mess. 

Mr Mustard does not like having to pay for other people's messes. 

Councillors, please stop and think, are you really in charge of the Council and its One Barnet plans ?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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