1 April 2011

Non-job No's. 1 & 2 - Blogger Update Manager / Blogger Liaison Officer at Barnet Council

Mr Mustard intends to write a series of blogs high-lighting the vast number of what dear Mr Pickles ( local government would surely be in a right pickle without Eric ) refers to as non-jobs in an effort to get Councils to see sense and cut out some of their more ridiculous overheads.

Of course the Borough of Barnet is going full steam in the opposite direction. Mr Mustard, who has lots of followers at Barnet Council of his blog and his twitterings (  I think they are called Twits and if they aren't they should be ) has been sent a draft press release of 2 new jobs ( non-jobs really ) that are to be advertised later today. One is for a Blogger Update Manager and the other is for a Blogger Liaison Officer ( I fear Miss Ballooniverse may apply for this one )

Although the job description talks about embracing new technologies and keeping staff informed internally of the activities of bloggers ( some overlap surely with the existing post of Internal Communications Manager ) Mr Mustard fears that this is simply a cover for their real role of snooping on bloggers now that the demise of Metpro has caused the Council to not know what is going on at NLBP.

Salaries for these roles are not too bad for the recipients but awful for Council Taxpayers.

The Blogger Update Manager will get £75k p.a. ( +pension, laptop etc. ) and this job will be advertised under the reference LBB/BUM/JOB and
The Blogger Liaison Officer will get £50k p.a. ( +pension, laptop etc. ) and this job will be advertised under the reference LBB/BLO/JOB

Mr Mustard hopes to receive more of these dodgy dossiers from concerned Barnet Borough employees in the future. Your identity will be respected.

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