13 April 2011

Allotments - double digging

I really can't do you a better service than link you to the above Freedom of Information request which compares an email from Cllr. Brian Coleman saying that Barnet Council subsidise allotments to the tune of £100,000 a year ( which would be a good thing ) to the figures for 2010/11 which show that Barnet Council made a profit out of allotments of £5,619

Who is wrong ? the FOI officer ( I don't think so ) or Cllr Coleman. Ladbrokes won't take bets on a racing certainty like that.

Being economical with the truth is not good; you get found out. Interestingly the subject of allotments came up at tonight's full Council meeting and all Cllr. Brian Coleman would say there ( in a written answer ) was that residents should be charged less than non-residents whose Boroughs have often sold their allotments for development ( happens all over the place as demand for allotments goes up and down over the decades )

No mention of the £100,000 subsidy Mr Coleman. Very wise as it is not the truth.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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