2 April 2018

experimental new cash cow in NW2

Mr Mustard isn't often in NW2 at rush hour so doesn't know how hard it is for pedestrians to cross the road at these locations or who has raised concerns about the level of traffic and pedestrian safety, quite possibly hardly anyone at all? He does know that if the No Motor Vehicles sign is used, and a cctv camera is quietly installed on a pole way above head height where it won't be noticed, a large number of residents (as well as strangers to the area) will fall foul of the new restriction and receive a numbers of PCNs in the post before they notice the new signs. He also thinks it will make Platt's Lane & Hermitage Lane busier 

and will render Pattison Rd & Briardale Gardens one way (as arrowed) for part of the day as the Order does not state that the restriction is only for traffic from one direction of approach so there will be no entering those two side roads at all at peak hours.

Please tell everyone you know who travels through NW2 so they avoid making a £130 mistake.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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