5 January 2018

Accident in Haringey = PCN opportunity

It is bad enough that you have an accident in the company delivery van but you then have to tell the boss that whilst it was waiting for the tow truck to take it to the garage, a PCN was issued to it.

You have to wonder if we are in a PCN target driven world (and not just within Haringey) when a traffic warden can't look at a vehicle like this and walk on by for a day or two to see if the van gets recovered.

Luckily this miserable PCN will bite the dust pretty quickly as the traffic warden mistook an X for a K and so has issued a PCN to a vehicle registration which does not exist and hence the PCN is a nullity. How Mr Mustard laughed as this is a shoe-in for cancellation.

Mr Mustard is a big fan of Haringey Council's parking department. They met 13 times in 2017 with the score being 12-1 to Mr Mustard (the one loss still hurts as in front of a different adjudicator he would also have beaten that PCN but never mind, he can charitably spare one PCN).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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