17 October 2017

TfL - Turn fractionally Late = PCN

If there was ever any doubt that those public servants who have been given huge big brother power have let it go to their heads, here it is. At a badly signed no right turn from the Upper Richmond Road into Dryburgh Rd the vehicle arrowed started to turn before 7am when the restriction starts and can be said to have made the turn when this still was taken, at 2 seconds past the start time of the no right turn restriction. Does this really deserve a PCN for £130?

The odd thing is that if the vehicle had been entering the congestion zone it would not have been ticketed within the first or last 2 minutes of the zone hours. Only TfL know why they don't apply the same sensible discretion to the use of their powers at timed banned turns.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. I have come to the conclusion that TfL is a deeply immoral organisation driven by money and the greed for it. I would think any adjudicator would allow an appeal here, but TfL know that most people just cough-up, so their wickedness is never exposed. Maybe the adjudicators should grant costs in a case like this as if it gets to them it's clear evidence of acting very badly

  2. Up until 2012/3, there were a pair of gates across Dryburgh Road which (if memory serves me) were shut until 1000am. Would it be too cynical of me to suggest that money was saved by not having to employ someone to open/close them and/or that PCN "income" proved too tempting?


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