6 July 2017

Surbiton Crescent - Kingston

as captured by Mr Mustard himself
This is by way of a guest blog as Mr Mustard has copied the text from Pepipoo, an excellent advice forum on which he contributes from time to time. Credit goes to user 'ufofly' for the content.

Brief facts: Surbiton Crescent is one of the highest money grossing PCN fines £3 million or so per year.

It was decided by Kingston Council that the Surbiton Closure was to be made permanent in June 2017. However this has been called in as a result of a petition by a lead petitioner, & the council has agreed to review the Surbiton Crescent road closure on the 18th July at a full council meeting in the Guildhall at 7:30pm. 

Please come along to the meeting and make your voices heard, as this will be the only way that we can make the council understand how much we hate the closure of Surbiton Crescent!!", said Helen Hinton.

Petition is here as well as the reasons for the petition.

You may find out most of the information that you need about the Surbiton Crescent closure here.

You may find supporting documents (when available closer to the meeting date) as well as live webcast here.

Full credit to Kingston Council for having the item on an agenda of full council which none of Barnet's revenue generating spots have occasioned.

Do feel free to go along if you are interested & any report received will be published by Mr Mustard.

The other point of this blog is to make you aware of the 'flying motorbike' sign which means no motor vehicles may pass by it. Some adjudicators at London Tribunals allow Appeals due to confusing signage and others refuse them so Mr Mustard does not appear as the representative for this location, advising in the background instead, as Appellants in person have a better chance of winning.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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