5 March 2017

Tilling Road - no left turn (at Brent Coss)

Sign clutter, 9 in 25m
Today Mr Mustard went to take a look for himself at the no left turn from Tilling Rd into Brentfield Gardens which is one of the least respected banned turns in Barnet. It was, for a few minutes sunny and Mr Mustard was propping up the lamp standard above the 'A' in Ahead and was pleased to see everybody drive straight on along Tilling Road under the underpass. You could sometimes see the queue backed up to the far end of the underpass. One minicab slowed and dived to the left before Mr Mustard could react but as he wasn't wearing a yellow vest and didn't have his whistle on him (a whistle works wonders for stopping cars) and this is a dangerous place to step into the road (there is a crossing point as there is dimpled paving but you really need to cross briskly) he decided to let the driver receive a PCN.

What happened next was that a car coming from the right, a Mercedes saloon, decided to pull out when there wasn't room and take out a blue Honda that was minding its own business and proceeding perfectly steadily in the correct direction. The Merc driver wanted to argue with the lady, who had to climb out of the wrong side of her Honda as she could not open the door, until the lady spotted Mr Mustard looking on and he gave her a wave and a friendly smile and then the errant driver knew the game was up. The Merc was 100% in the wrong and given the availability of a witness Mr Mustard expects that the Merc's insurers will cough up without quibble.

not the guilty Merc
At 3.30pm on 5 March 2017 the road was effectively blocked and so the only escape route entirely on tarmac was the banned left turn. Will the council still issue PCN, probably because the cctv does not cover the blocked section of road? Yes, most definitely.

Do let Mr Mustard know if you make representations on the grounds that the road was blocked and they are rejected.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. This seems to be a rather daft restriction and, perhaps, one designed to generate revenue rather than improve traffic flow. The effect of the restriction is to increase the number of vehicles using the elevated roundabout which frequently seems to be log jammed due to the traffic volume.

  2. Hello I have recently received a PCN, for turning left at this junction, never before in my life have I not observed a no left/right turn because it is usually plain to see. This time I clearly was not able to see it in time turning off the North Circular. The PCN does refer to prohibited turn, no left turn. How much of a chance do I stand if I argue that the signage is confusing. I do recall it being extremely sunny that day and the sun's glare was directly in my windscreen at the time of the PCN, I have evidence to show the sun's position in relation to mine on that day. Thanks

  3. The problem with a sun was in my eyes argument is that you still have to adhere to all road signs & are expected to pull the sun visor down for safety and if you can't proceed safely you should not proceed at all.

    You never can tell though what argument may work but if you lose at the tribunal the whole £130 will have to be paid.

  4. Hi Mr Mustard. I have received two PCNs (17.05.18 and 20.04.18) for turning left at this junction. Any tips of appealing this?

  5. I have no other advice other than as above apart from not to miss any deadlines.


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