31 October 2016

Why bother with planning rules in Barnet?

Here is a question put to the leader of the council in advance of tomorrow's full council meeting.

A straightforward question and one would expect to see most breaches being enforced as it is surely the duty of the council to do so, otherwise, if the public & developers only knew what they could get away with, there would be mayhem (oops, sorry).

Mr Mustard did not expect all these breaches just being left without further action (but of course they cost money to enforce which doesn't raise any revenue for the council, one of those costs they would rather do without?).

That is a shocking number of 'No further actions' and 'under investigation' which take longer than a year to complete?

What do we pay 'Re:'  (Regional Enterprise the company which Capita own 51% of) to enforce planning rules? Too much or not enough?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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