12 May 2016

Greenfield Gardens NW2 business bay trap

Mr Mustard has been trying to get the signs on two business bays, on opposite sides of the road, made the same since the spring of 2015. He has over-turned 3 PCN here.

No times = 24 hours a day
the times the other bay was meant to have
When the council introduced a map based Traffic Management Order (TMO) it corrected obviously wrong signs but others it used as the basis for the TMO and thus the tail wagged the dog. There aren't numerous business premises at the southern end of Greenfield Gardens, especially 24 hour operations, but now we are in a situation where half the bays are legally restricted 24 hours a day. Mr Mustard lost a PCN at the tribunal yesterday (it was one of two PCN issued within a minute to two ladies who knew each other, the other PCN was cancelled at the first challenge) and the adjudicator was correct in that legally the bay applied, even though the council didn't mean it to and even though they acknowledged last year that the bay was wrongly signed but he can't apply mitigation or discretion. Such is life. Mr Mustard is still on won 100+ & lost 4 in 2016.

The adjudicator wasn't very impressed with Barnet Council though.
Yet more incompetence exhibited by Barnet Council (NSL will have sent the letter) and unfairness but legal.

If you see a business bay without times do not park in it at 22:20 (as did Mr Mustard's client) as traffic wardens will gleefully ticket you up until 23:00

Barnet Council made a parking tribunal net loss yesterday. They will get £110 from the one PCN that was upheld and have paid 7 tribunal fees of c.£30 for each PCN = £210 going out. Result: £100 and many man hours down the drain.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. It seems the only way to beat Mr Mustard is by laying a trap and even then No Soddin' Luck are only winning 4% of the time. So £3000 in tribunal fees and £440 return. You have to admire their enthusiasm.


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