29 June 2015

Bunn Fight at the car park in Mill Hill

3 hours free parking was recently agreed by councillors for Saturdays (not sure it is permanent but you can look at the sign before you park).

The message didn't properly filter through to the NSL traffic wardens nor to the PayByPhone people who carried on charging £5.10 for 3 hours of free parking and/or dishing out PCN if you didn't pay. The requirement to have a telephone to order 3 hours of something free was unreasonable and Mr Mustard would have beaten the PCN he heard about at PATAS. There is now no need as management have stepped in and out things right. It is doubtless only because of outsourcing parking in the first place that it all went wrong.

Pro-active refunds are to be made.

All PCN should also be cancelled but somehow Mr Mustard thinks that won't happen so make sure you challenge the PCN or wing a copy over to mrmustard@zoho.com and he will get it cancelled for you.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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