9 February 2014

PayByPhone locations

Mr Mustard asked for these uncontroversial numbers last year but they were asked for during the period when he was annoying the council too much by asking too many questions so they were deemed to be a vexatious question. Now the council have themselves published them and an email from the Barnet Bugle pointing Mr Mustard at them gave him the idea of converting the pdf (a completely useless way of publishing a table) to a spreadsheet, so here it is so that you can play with it (you can download it yourself and use a filter to sort the entries with)

What you can gain from this is the ability to sort the list into different orders and count up payable locations by town centre. Mr Mustard can only find 2 locations where you have to pay in the Leader's ward of Totteridge and the greatest number (about 70) are of course in North Finchley which is treated as a parking piggy bank; one day it will be empty and then the council will be sorry.

What you can also find in this list is loads of secondary locations where payment should not be the order of the day but 4 hour free bays would be better (residents couldn't hog them and they would provide sufficient time for visitors to do most things and for the rest they could perhaps get a visitor voucher). Mr Mustard also wonders about allowing 1 hour free parking in any Residents Bay as for most of the day they are half empty.

Mr Mustard also wonders why we weren't allocated a discrete block of numbers so that when you transpose two digits, or get one of them wrong, you don't find yourself paying for parking in another borough or another country and the money at least ends up at the correct tariff in the correct bank account?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

rather than have Mr Mustard spend hours working out why you can only download as a pdf and not as the original xls document I uploaded, if you want an .xls version, simply email me at mrmustard@zoho.com and you will be sent one.

Worked it out. Go to scribd

scribd link for paybyphone locations xls download

select download and then choose .xls, simples

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